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Black Eyed Peas se vrací do Prahy! Připravte se na nezapomenutelný koncert ve Žlutých lázních.

 S velkým nadšením oznamujeme, že legendární skupina Black Eyed Peas opět vystoupí v Praze. Tento ikonický hudební zážitek se uskuteční 10. července ve Žlutých lázních, což bude teprve druhé vystoupení této světoznámé kapely v našem hlavním městě, po vyprodané O2 Areně v roce 2010.
Black Eyed Peas, kteří za více než 25 let své kariéry získali šest cen GRAMMY® a prodali 35 milionů alb a 120 milionů singlů, přivezou do Prahy svou nezaměnitelnou energii a řadu hitů, které dobývají žebříčky po celém světě.
Vstupenky na tento výjimečný koncert budou k dispozici v předprodeji od středy 29. května v síti Goout.net za cenu od 1.290,- Kč. Očekáváme velký zájem, proto doporučujeme zajistit si vstupenky co nejdříve.
Těšíme se na nezapomenutelný večer plný hudby, tance a jedinečné atmosféry, kterou nám Black Eyed Peas přivezou. Připojte se k nám a buďte součástí této mimořádné události ve Žlutých lázních!
O Black Eyed Peas: Black Eyed Peas, které tvoří will.i.am, Apl.de.Ap a Taboo, jsou jednou z největších hudebních skupin posledních desetiletí. Jejich hity jako "I Gotta Feeling," "Where Is The Love?" a "RITMO" získaly celosvětové uznání a mnohá ocenění. Skupina neustále překonává hranice žánrů a přináší svěží a inovativní hudbu svým fanouškům po celém světě. O ženský vokál se postará filipínská zpěvačka J. Rey Soul, která s Black Eyed Peas vystupuje od roku 2018.

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Social, personal, and philosophical evolution happen to the beat of culture. Rhythm underlines each ebb and flow, scoring the soundtrack to humanity’s evolution.
With every move, Black Eyed Peas telegraph the rhythm of culture. Blurring genre lines long before it became commonplace and pioneering an unprecedented global hybrid of hip-hop, pop, electro, and world beats as early as 1995, the Los Angeles-based trio—will.i.am, Apl.de.Ap, and Taboo—maximize the momentum of a
legendary career earmarked by making history, breaking music sales and download chart records, and raising the bar yet again in 2022 and beyond. In this fresh chapter of creativity and inspiration (Phase Two), the band have once again tapped into the rich, award-winning vein that is so unquestionably the hallmark of their entire body of work.
“The last time we were this clear was in 1995 when we started the group,” grins will.i.am. “There was a lane for us. There was room for us. We seized moments in culture and history, to make an impact in 2003 (Elephunk) and 2009 (The E.N.D.). We’re looking to the future now. What’s the focus of the next ten years?
For us, the time ahead is about being purposeful in society.”
The group has architected a platform to be “purposeful.” Over the past 25 years, they’ve earned six GRAMMY® Awards and achieved sales of 35 million albums and 120 million singles across seminal releases such as Elephunk, The E.N.D., and more. Charts and critics alike decreeing them one of the era’s biggest acts, Black Eyed Peas emerged as “the second best-selling artist/group of all-time for downloaded tracks,” according to Nielsen, and landed on Billboard’s “Hot 100 Artists of the Decade.” Moving more than 3 million tickets, performing 300-plus shows throughout 30 different countries, and headlining stadiums, the band graced the biggest stages in the world including a landmark performance at the Super Bowl XLV
Halftime Show in 2011.
After reaching the pinnacle of their career (phase one), a period of relative quiet followed—lasting nearly eight years where the bandmates pursued initiatives across TV, film, solo music, DJing, writing books and engaging in philanthropy to support favorite causes. During their break Taboo battled cancer in 2014,
recovering victoriously with his Black Eyed Peas brothers by his side at home.
“Metaphorically, Black Eyed Peas gave me life, but also in a real sense,” admitted Taboo in 2019. “I had that horrible disease. At least I was back in Los Angeles to deal with it. I became stronger and got back into work mode with my brothers. I appreciate us having another chance to feed this amazing journey and vehicle of
Black Eyed Peas. This is my engine. It kept me fighting to know I’d be on stage again. It taught me how to appreciate and love every moment.”
“When you have a global mega run like we did, the idea of conjuring a repeat was a longshot,” added will.i.am. “We never thought we could replicate what we did the first time. Then, we opted to take an eight-year break. It’s taken a long time for us to climb back up the charts - refocusing on our roots brought us
back after the break. We’re a trio again, swinging for the fences. It’s a new era here.”
With TRANSLATION, the group’s eighth studio album, and debut long-player release for Epic Records the Black Eyed Peas’ reconfirmed their global mega-group status, as well as their ability to read trends and understand the worldwide currents of popular music. Lead single ‘RITMO (Bad Boys For Life)’ saw them collaborate with one of the hottest acts in the world, and possibly the biggest Latin star of the millennium, J Balvin. Featured as the lead single of the Bad Boys For Life movie soundtrack album, RITMO exploded as a phenomenon right out of the gate, generating more than 1 billion combined streams and video views in less than six months’
time. Impressively, it toppled Spotify counts of classics I Gotta Feeling and Where Is The Love? to become the group’s “most-listened to song on the platform,” ascended to Top 10 at Pop Radio, hit #1 on Billboard’s Latin Airplay, Hot Latin Songs, and Hot Dance/Electronic Charts and received nominations in 2020 for the MTV Video Music Awards (Best Collaboration), Billboard Music Awards (Top Dance/Electronic Song), American Music Awards (Favorite Song – Latin), plus three nominations for the 2021 Latin American Music Awards in the categories Song of the Year, Favorite Song (Urban), and Collaboration of the Year.
Creatively, TRANSLATION illustrated more breakthroughs. Once again, Black Eyed Peas had pulled up from the streets, magnifying underground club energy, reggaeton grooves, and a Spanglish singalong on a global sonic canvas. With a host of major collaborations with artists such as J Balvin, Ozuna, Maluma, Shakira, Nicky Jam, Tyga, and Becky G, the accolades and chart positions continued to flow through. RITMO’s follow-up single
MAMACITA [feat. Ozuna & featured regular artist J.Rey Soul] grew faster than RITMO with 27 million views in less than seven days. The single hit #1 on the Billboard Latin Airplay, Latin Rhythm Airplay, and Hot Latin Songs Charts, and marked their second 2020 MTV Video Music Awards nomination for Best Latin. FEEL THE BEAT [feat. Maluma] continued their 2020 chart-topping run, reaching #1 on Billboard’s Latin Airplay Chart.
The knockout album single from the end of 2020, GIRL LIKE ME [feat. Shakira] saw success on Latin and Top 40 radio, with the official video hitting close to half a billion views on YouTube and scooping ‘Best Latin’ at the MTV VMAs. Shakira’s video choreography became an ongoing viral TikTok challenge, with over 290 thousand videos and 490 million views. HIT IT featuring Saweetie, & Lele Pons brought together an icy multiplatinum
hip-hop force of nature and Latin music’s hottest rising star for a once-in-a-generation collaboration with the Los Angeles disruptors, scoring +8 million audio streams and nearly 10M global YouTube views in its first week alone.
The immense success of the TRANSLATION album was cemented with a staggering eight Billboard Latin Music Awards nominations, including “Crossover Artists of the Year” and “Hot Latin Song of the Year” for RITMO.
The album also resulted in a nomination for Black Eyed Peas for Favorite Artist – Crossover at the 2021 Latin Music Awards, their fifth nomination for this event. The success of TRANSLATION irrefutably demonstrated 'Black Eyed Peas’ ability to reinvent themselves across the decades, with singles from the album consistently scooping Gold, Platinum, and Diamond record certifications around the globe.
The band shows zero signs of slowing down. In the summer of 2022, the trio resumed their fast-paced road schedule, performing a 26-date European Tour that swept across 14 countries before more than 500 million fans. Showcasing high-octane performances of classic anthems and recent mega-hits, the shows hinted that
even more new music was to come. The rumours were confirmed in July 2022 when Black Eyed Peas reunited with Shakira and David Guetta for the single DON’T YOU WORRY. The single was an instant hit, sweeping to the top of radio charts in Mexico, Italy and France. With remixes dropping from Guetta, DJs From Mars, Malaa
and more, the single has continued to soar, dominating YouTube with over 200 million views, and Spotify with 260M+ streams. With their ninth studio album, ELEVATION, followed with chart-topping singles SIMPLY THE BEST (with Anitta & El Alfa), BAILAR CONTIGO (with Daddy Yankee) in 2023 and GUARANTEE (SUMMER MIX),
the band’s army of fans can enjoy another brilliant new chapter in the story of the Black Eyed Peas. A narrative that continues to captivate and entertain millions worldwide through the pure force of their combined creativity and vision.
“We’re a family,” concludes Apl.de.Ap. “We have bigger dreams than ever, and we’re going to make them happen together.”
“We’ve learned a lot from our journey,” will.i.am leaves off. “I think we’ve learned more than we thought possible. I believe our younger selves would be proud of the courageous and fearless people we’ve become, because there’s a deeper meaning in our music. We try to bring answers and joy. We hope to solve problems. It starts with the music and purpose.”



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