A kayak is your ticket to a world of water adventures. Whether you are a complete beginner or an experienced paddler, a kayak will open the door to endless fun and the joy of movement. Our kayaks are perfect for everyone - choose between a single kayak for solo expeditions or a double kayak for a two-person experience.


9:00 - 17:00 17:00 - 22:00
250 Kč 300 Kč

*Prices are per hour of rental

Explore the magic of the Vltava!

We offer you the possibility to rent kayaks right on the banks of the Vltava. In Žluté lázně, you can choose your kayak and set off on an unforgettable cruise. Discover the beauty of our river from the comfort of your kayak and enjoy a day full of sun and water.

Booking and payment

For your convenience, you can book and pay for the rental through our online booking system up to one week in advance. The system is fast and easy to use so you can choose the best time for your cruise.

Multisport card - your ticket to the water!

Do you have a Multisport card? Great! With us you can take advantage of a 100% discount on kayak rentals. Come directly to Žluté lázně and your card will open the door to unlimited fun on the water. Please note that the discount is only valid for on-site purchases and cannot be applied to online bookings.

Why choose a kayak?

- Accessibility: kayaking is a great sport for everyone. You can learn the basics in no time and then all you have to do is enjoy the fun on the water.

- Flexibility.

- Experience: Discover the beauty of the Vltava and experience a day of adventure and relaxation.

Join us and experience the freedom, joy and excitement of kayaking. Discover new horizons, enjoy unforgettable experiences and become part of our joyful community of water enthusiasts. Kayak to new adventure!



Come and spend your free time in Žluté Lázně