The Dead South + Ivan Mládek a Banjo Band


The Dead South, Ivan Mládek and the Banjo Band, - are two great country-style bands that will play together on June 4, 2024 in Prague's "Žluté Lázně". It doesn't matter how you define their music - progressive bluegrass, alternative Americana, country, or folk and western. The important thing is that their fans love them!

The Canadian band The Dead South is a phenomenon across generations and genres. The sound of guitar, cello, banjo, kick drum and mandolin complements strong vocals, the combination of which is pure musical harmony. Their album Good Company from 2014, especially the song "In Hell I'll Be In a Good Company", hit the charts in Europe and America, and no one is surprised that the clip for this song has almost 380 million views.

Ivan Mládek and the Banjo Band is a legendary band with an original sound and humor. Founder, frontman, bandleader, singer and banjo player Ivan Mládek is behind most of the Banjo Band's repertoire. During his work, he wrote over six hundred songs, many of which became popular classics. The catchy songs laced with humor and the comical breaks during their performances are unforgettable.

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For more information: https://selection.cz/cs/shows/the-dead-south-6/


Come and spend your free time in Žluté Lázně