Open-air Yellow Cinema

Don't miss the movie delicacies on the big screen, which we will serve to you every Tuesday and Saturday beneath the sky. You can look forward to newer Oscar-winning film appetizers as well as older cult film pieces. We are already looking forward to your visit!

Program August 2020

 1.8.  Saturday Hanebný pancharti / Inglourious Basterds
 4.8.   Tuesday Dej mi své jméno / Call Me by Your Name
8.8.    Saturday Kmotr / The Godfather
 11.8.  Tuesday Složka 64 / Journal 64
 15.8.  Saturday Big Lebowski / The Big Lebowski
 18.8.  Tuesday Rozpolcený / Split
 22.8.  Saturday Pařba ve Vegas / The Hangover
 25.8.  Tuesday Kolonie / Colonia
29.8.  Saturday Ženy v běhu / Woman on the Run

The films will be screened in their original version with Czech subtitles.


The screening of the Yellow Cinema is free. The entrance to the area is charged with the entrance fee.

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